The Buffalo Bills Coach Is Going Crazy, And Here Are The Internet's Funniest Answers

The Buffalo Bills Coach Is Going Crazy, And Here Are The Internet’s Funniest Answers

The Buffalo Bills lost to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, and understandably, most people associated with the Bills weren’t thrilled about it. After all, the Bills entered the game with a 2-0 record and had largely outplayed their two opponents in the first two games of the season.

Comparatively speaking, Buffalo looked flat, and the final score reflected that.

One such person who seemed particularly upset with the end result was Bills’ offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey. Following a failed attempt to position the team for a winning field goal, the broadcast showed a view of Dorsey, who was seated in a booth overlooking the field.

What this view showed has now officially gone viral on the internet.

Internet reacts to video showing Bills’ OC Dorsey panicked after loss

First, let’s watch the clip in question, courtesy of the CBS show:

The reaction is not too surprising. The Bills had a chance to drive down the field and set up kicker Tyler Bass for a game-winning field goal. Josh Allen completed a pass to Isaiah McKenzie, but the wide couldn’t get out of bounds with only seconds remaining, and time expired on Buffalo before they could stop the clock.

Frustrated by this development, in addition to other lackluster games from Buffalo’s offense, Dorsey, the team’s offensive playmaker, got snapped, and before you knew it, the clip had gone viral on Internet.

So which jokes made by Twitter users were their favorites? Here are a few:

No update has been given on the injury status of the Microsoft Surface tablet that Dorsey spiked, but I can imagine the prognosis is grim.

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