Letter to the editor: Frisco better not waste money on fiber internet like Breck

Letter to the editor: Frisco better not waste money on fiber internet like Breck

Summit Daily News reported that Frisco was considering improving internet service and had installed ductwork for fiber installation. He asks for suggestions. Above all, one must wonder if he will install his own fiber and go the way of Breckenridge.

In 2018, Breckenridge approved spending $8 million on a city-owned fiber optic network to create a backbone for users. Despite its intention to create competition for its fiber network, it granted an exclusive right to ALLO Communications. And to what extent has this taxpayers’ money been spent?

Richard Himmelstein of Breckenridge recently wrote in a letter to Summit Daily News that the city is “about 70% complete with less than 200 subscribers (the city being the largest network user)”. That’s a horrible catch rate. This amounts to $10.00 per user. Money well spent?

Vanessa Agee, director of communications and project manager for Frisco, said in an article that although Frisco currently relies on DSL and cable connections, its Internet download and upload speeds are “not so good.” .

So I randomly checked out what Comcast has for a house now for sale in Frisco and advertised in Summit Daily News: 317 Creekside Drive. Entering that address into Comcast’s app returned offers for 300, 600, and 1200 megabits per second. Are these speeds not fast enough? Really.

The HighSpeedInterent.com website says 500-1000 Mbps is enough to “do a lot of almost anything on a lot of devices simultaneously”.

Comcast’s Infinity meets that threshold. (Disclaimer: I had and have no association with Comcast.)

So will Frisco follow Breckenridge down a seemingly insane path? Or would the money be better spent on workforce housing as Mr. Himmelstein suggests?

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