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The Hong Kong internet sensation and former Miss Asia fan favorite could soon appear on screens in Singapore and Malaysia | Coconut

Remember Ah Yi, the atypical Miss Asia Pageant 2021 contestant who took the internet by storm with her deadpan expressions and unusual demeanor?

After dropping out of the contest and being embroiled in more recent controversies – including being sentenced to two weeks in jail in March for kicking his neighbor after being reprimanded for not wearing a mask and arrested for driving without a license – you’d be forgiven for thinking his 15 minutes of fame were over.

But it seems the reason the internet sensation has been relatively quiet in Hong Kong lately is that it’s gearing up to break into the Malaysian, and possibly Singaporean, entertainment industries soon.

Sit Ying-yi (her full name) recently shared things she has been doing in Malaysia on her Instagram account, such as attending the Nature Goddess Beauty Pageant and filming at Sunway Lagoon.

Her management agency, Asia Momentum Media, also shared a photo of her in a swimsuit at an amusement park in Subang Jaya.

The agency, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Asia Television (ATV) and a mobile entertainment platform available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, also announced on its Instagram that it will premiere a program trip featuring Ah Yi and other Miss Asia contestants. next month.

It appears she also attended a press conference for the program on Thursday.

In June, she shared photos of herself with Xixi Lim and Glenn Yong, cast members of Singaporean comedy “Ah Girls Go Army Again,” stoking rumors that she was also preparing to break into the stage. entertainment in Singapore.

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