More internet in more cities.

More internet in more cities.

On today’s episode of Up to Speed, host Raquel Wilson shared the exciting news that more people in more places are about to get a big 5G internet upgrade.

Starting today, Verizon is offering new home and business wireless Internet options powered by 5G Ultra Wideband in parts of Philadelphia, Washington, DC, the Delaware Coast, and Hampton Roads, Virginia.

These cities join a long list of cities with 5G Home Internet and 5G Business Internet most recently in Boston and Springfield, MA, Pittsburgh, PA, Madison, WI, Shreveport, LA, Manchester, NH, Atlanta, GA, Richmond, VA, Scranton and Harrisburg, PA.

With this growing list of cities, it’s never been easier or easier to get Verizon Home Internet as we expand across the country. Check availability in your city to see how you can get home internet starting at $25/month.

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