Company Announces 11-Day Break For Employees. Because, Mental Health

The company announces an 11-day break for employees. Because mental health

Meesho had earlier announced a “borderless” workplace model. (Representative)

New Delhi:

In a bid to prioritize the mental health of its employees, e-commerce platform Meesho has announced a company-wide 11-day “reset and recharge break” for the second consecutive year.

An update posted on their website revealed that the initiative aims to allow employees “to fully disconnect from work and prioritize their mental well-being after the busy holiday sales period.”

Founder and CTO Sanjeev Barnwal made the announcement on Twitter, stressing that a work-life balance is paramount to good mental health.

“We have announced a company-wide 11-day break for the second year in a row! Keeping in mind the upcoming holiday season and the importance of work-life balance, Meeshoites will take a well-deserved time off to reset and recharge from Oct. 22 until Nov. 1,” he said.

Meesho previously announced a “borderless” workplace model, infinite wellness leave, 30-week gender-neutral parental leave as well as 30-day gender reassignment leave.

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