Fitness instructor buys old church to turn into gym in East Boldon

Fitness instructor buys old church to turn into gym in East Boldon

Tanya Walker, 42, from West Boldon, plans to convert the former United Reform Church on Front Street, East Boldon, into a brand new studio as she moves her business Miss Fit Dance and Fitness to the new location.

The instructor, who has been teaching fitness for 17 years, says she’s been looking for the “perfect” location for a new studio for about 10 years.

Before buying the old church, she moved from different parish halls to give her fitness classes.

Fitness instructor Tanya Walker who bought the former United Reform Church, Front Street, East Boldon, for her fitness business.

“I just managed to get my hands on the keys, so it’s been a long process but it’s beautiful, really beautiful. We’re going to keep a lot of the work in-house, it’s mind-blowing.”

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Renovation work will now begin and will last several months.

Fitness Instructor Tanya Walker.

She added: “It’s something I’ve dreamed about and it’s finally becoming a reality. I have an amazing following, who are just as excited as I am.

“I can’t wait to get started and for everything to fall into place. My family, including my dad, have heard me talk about this dream of having a studio for years, so I hope he’s proud of me.”

Tanya says she “can’t wait” to start the transformation.

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