New WellStone Mental Health Facility in Huntsville Opening Soon

New WellStone Mental Health Facility in Huntsville Opening Soon

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama. (WAFF) – A new mental health facility will soon open in northern Alabama. WellStone held a ribbon cutting on Monday for its 25,000 square feet. ft. ease.

According to Jeremy Blair, CEO of WellStone, this is a game-changer for the Tennessee Valley.

Blair says they receive about 200 mental health calls a day, and this new facility will help them answer those calls and provide support for people in mental health crisis.

“We can’t separate mental health from physical health anymore. They’re so one in the same, and so when we neglect our mental health, ultimately we’re going to neglect our physical health,” Blair said.

The facility will be open 24/7. Blair says that initially it will contain 16 beds. After a person leaves the facility, they will be assigned a care manager. The manager will make sure they get to their follow-up appointments and have food and lodging.

While staffing shortages continue to impact the healthcare industry, Blair says that’s not much of an issue for WellStone.

“For workers in terms of call volume, it’s fine. We have staff for the first, second and third shifts. We need staff on weekends because we try to provide staff 24 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” he said.

WellStone will open its new facility in the coming weeks, Blair said. In the spring, they plan to set up a 24-bed pediatric center in the region.

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