3 research-based tips to rejuvenate your muscles

“If you haven’t been training with any focus by the time you’re 30, you must be,” Lyon says. Everyone’s body is different, but if you can, she recommends a combination of cardiovascular activity (especially zone 2 training) and resistance training. Zone 2 training refers to any cardio workout that gets your heart pumping to the point where you can still carry on a conversation, but it can be difficult to do. “This formation in zone 2 is essential for the mitochondria,” notes Lyon. “It’s important for glucose utilization for the foods you eat, and overall it provides a base.”

However, that’s not enough: “In their 30s, I really think everyone should do three to four days a week of hypertrophy training,” she adds. Hypertrophy training consists of increasing muscle mass, in particular through weight training. “As opposed to [using] a much heavier weight and lower volume, volume matters,” adds Lyon. (Meaning, more sets and reps with less intensity.) “It’s really about building muscle,” she notes, and strong muscles are key to maintaining longevity.

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