Greenbrier Co. hopes fiber internet will bring people and jobs

Greenbrier Co. hopes fiber internet will bring people and jobs

GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WVNS) – Greenbrier County will receive a massive overhaul of its broadband systems, Governor Justice announced Friday, September 16.

The project, totaling more than $17 million, will provide fiber optic internet access to nearly every inch of the county. More than 175 miles of fiber cable will reach more than 5,000 homes in Greenbrier County.

The county has been trying to attract new business for years, and County Commission Chairman Lowell Rose said a lack of broadband infrastructure is holding back the county’s growth.

“Nowadays the first thing that comes out of their mouth is ‘Do you have broadband?’ Rose said. “The first thing you say is, ‘No, we don’t have it yet.’ Then they say ‘thank you’, they hang up the phone and they go somewhere else.”

Senator Stephen Baldwin represents Greenbrier and four other counties in the State Senate. He said the installation of broadband infrastructure will make the region a much more attractive place for young professionals to come to work.

“Have you seen the ‘Help Wanted’ signs everywhere? I mean everyone is looking for help right now and the problem is we don’t have enough people. And I think that’s a positive way to have more people,” Baldwin told 59News. “I mean, who wouldn’t want to live and work here in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley?”

Similar projects in neighboring Summers and Monroe counties have also been given the green light. Monroe County received over $2 million and Summers County received nearly five million.

Commissioner Rose added that the search for materials has already started and they hope to start installing the fiber next year.

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