MHA Monday Report

MHA Monday Report Sep 12, 2022

MHA launches MI Vote Matters campaign to encourage voter turnout 8Logo for MI Vote Matters, Tuesday Nov 8

The upcoming general election will set the stage for critical health care decisions for Michigan and the nation in the years to come. In November, Michigan voters will help elect the next governor, attorney general and secretary…

Legislation introduced to regulate temporary help agencies

capital city background

Webinar on strategic planning available for hospital management

Paul KeckleyThe Keckley Report

Distrust of the healthcare system contributes to poor health and avoidable costs

“This week, the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s life will take center stage ahead of her funeral on September 19. The 96-year-old’s longevity, the mystique of the monarchy and Britain’s oversized role in Western culture will be at the center of the discussions. …

The structure of the British and American healthcare systems is different. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the health care system in the United States is more expensive, more fragmented and less effective in optimizing the health of the population than the [National Health Service] and many other developed systems. Several factors explain the difference: social determinants, violence, unit prices paid for drugs, specialized care and hospitals in the United States and elsewhere.

Paul Keckley, Sep 12, 2022

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ParaRev, an MHA Approved Business Partner, will host two free webinars this month.

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MHA CEO, Brian Peters

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