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In May, more than 100 graduates received their medical degrees from Rowan University’s Cooper Medical School, where Reboli is dean. The group was the seventh to be recognized by the school at the commencement ceremony – and its largest class of doctors to date.

Class size is important. According to the New Jersey Hospital Association, New Jersey has the third highest percentage of active physicians over 60 and the fifth lowest nationally for those under 40.

In the past, Reboli has been recognized by insiders as a key player in expanding the Cooper Medical School name from local recognition to national leadership. Locally, the establishment is part of the “Eds and Meds” strategy which aims to revitalize the city. At the graduation ceremony, Reboli said the students had collectively completed more than 17,000 hours of service over the past four years in the community.

The school attracts future doctors with unique programs, like its accelerated 3+4 BS-MD initiative, which allows high school students to complete their undergraduate degree in three years at Rowan University before embarking on their training medicine at CMSRU in the fourth year – and reduces the total graduation process from eight to an overall course of seven years. Likewise, the school’s PC3 track offers a chance to pursue an MD at an accelerated pace for students seeking to practice primary care or pediatric medicine with a direct path to these specific residency pathways at Cooper University. HealthCare.

“You have been transformed by current events in ways that may not be obvious, but will reveal themselves as you progress through your career,” said Reboli, herself an illness expert. infections at the beginning of this year. “The world has changed, and so have you. I expect you to be better doctors and true healers because of this.

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