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Is walking the best exercise? Expert Answers

Walking is considered one of the easiest and most effective ways exercises. It is also known to be the best way to start your fitness journey. Reinforcement muscles to boost mood and energy – it has tons of health benefits.

But is while walking the best exercise? Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar disagrees. In a video posted to Instagram, she began by saying, “Is walking the best exercise you can do? Sorry to break your heart but it’s not the best exercise. Just as there is no best boss or best husband and you have to make everything work well for you.

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Sharing the benefits of walking, Diwekar said it is a good activity. “It will help improve your blood circulation, digestionthe quality of your sleep and your mood.

However, walking, in itself, is not a complete exercise. “To walk to work to its full potential, you must support it with strength training at the gym and also while practicing yoga,” she explained.

Sharing the 4 exercise essentials, the expert said, “What really makes a well-rounded exercise program is strength, endurance, elongation and stability. Without it, simply walking around and waving your arms widely won’t work.

She concluded by emphasizing the need for within walking distance trails and roads nearby. “What you also need to remember is that most of us live in places where we drive from to get to somewhere we can actually walk. That needs to change. We all need access to roads so let’s vote for it.

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