WATCH: Man Who 'Moon Walks' Upside Down Underwater Takes the Internet by Storm

WATCH: Man Who ‘Moon Walks’ Upside Down Underwater Takes the Internet by Storm

Jaydeep Gonhil seen dancing underwater in this screenshot from a video posted on Instagram.

Netizens marveled at the flawless dancing skills of an Indian who walked on the moon underwater and then rolled over to do the same.

Jaydeep Gonhil, better known as “Hydroman of India”, posted the video of his incredible stunt, captioning it as follows:

“For my audience who wanted to see my version.”

The video went viral on social media where Gonhil danced on a pool table to Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ soundtrack. The most surprising thing about Gonhil was that he was without an oxygen tank the entire time he was underwater.

The dancer was hailed for his execution of the dance moves perfectly underwater and then upside down.

Watch the video here:

The video was posted on September 8 and has so far garnered over 8 million views, 844,171 likes and hundreds of comments. Gonhil’s Instagram profile is full of his many other underwater dance performances.

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