I Tried Kourtney's Poosh Ab Exercises And There Are Parts That "Killed" Me

I Tried Kourtney’s Poosh Ab Exercises And There Are Parts That “Killed” Me

A fashion, beauty and lifestyle expert has revealed her legs are “killing her” after attempting a Kardashian-approved workout in her own salon.

TikTok’s Edith Mair tried out three different lower abs workouts recommended by Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh that are sure to make gym-goers ache.


Edith Mair Shared Her Experience Trying Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh WorkoutCredit: TikTok @edithmair
Edith Mair struggled with Poosh's lower abs routine


Edith Mair struggled with Poosh’s lower abs routineCredit: TikTok @edithmair

Sharing a video of herself doing 20 reps for each exercise over three sets, Mair captioned her excerpt: “That was HARD.”

Starting with leg circles, she then performed butterfly kicks followed by bicycle crunches.

After completing both of these exercises effortlessly, her next exercise was seated V crunches on a bench.

Mair didn’t have a bench, so she improvised and used her circular sectional sofa.

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“These killed me,” she captioned.

People in the comments section recounted his post-workout struggle.

One person wrote: “I felt the burn just looking at this.”

Another person said, “It looks so easy on camera but I know how you feel.”

Mair replied, “Omg you that was so hard hahah!”

Although Mair said the workout was tough, she completed it effortlessly.

“You are beautiful,” said one TikTok user.

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