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Library Hosts Michigan Medicine’s Blood Cancer Program – Watch Video – Old Mission Gazette

Michigan Medicine Dr. Sami Malek talks about blood cancers at the Peninsula Community Library | Jane BoursawPhoto

The Peninsula Community Library partners with Michigan Medicine (University of Michigan Hospital) on a range of health programs, and this week’s conference featured Dr. Sami Malek, who spoke on cancers of the blood.

I was honored to be asked to film the program, which I have included below. By the way, I thought about investing in a video camera with better resolution, and after looking at this one (made on my phone with not so good resolution), maybe now is the time!

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If I think about this idea, take a look at the video below. There was a good crowd of OMpers who asked good questions about this important topic.

Also watch the library’s July 25 lecture, “The Latest in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias” with speaker Dr. Hank Paulson in the video below.

The next conference will take place on Monday, October 10. 3, 3 p.m. – “Can you hear me? Advances in the Treatment of Hearing Disorders” with speaker Dr. Gabriel Corfas.


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