Boy group BTS is well and truly the most admired and beloved K-pop entertainment team in the world right now and a person who has captured the attention of all ARMYs around the world with their charm. and his talent is none other than BTS member Jin. His kindness and charm are such that literally everything he does manages to attract a lot of love and attention from his fans. Whether it is for his dancing skills or his musical abilities and good looks, he grabs everyone’s attention and we are never really surprised for real.

While many of us are already familiar with many of his interesting and unique talents, we bet few of you may have known that he also has an interest in cooking and enjoys trying new and interesting foods as he goes. as he gets the chance. Well this time we are here to show you all a special cooking vlog and your taste buds will start watering for real. Want to check? Take a look below –

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