Video Shows Actor Sivakarthikeyan Making Controversial Comment About South Koreans, Internet Criticises Him

Video shows actor Sivakarthikeyan making controversial comment about South Koreans, internet criticizes him

Social media users condemned Sivakarthikeyan’s comments

A video of actor Sivakarthikeyan is gaining traction on social media, in which the actor is heard making controversial comments about South Koreans. The comments were made in Tamil during a cultural event held at a school in Trichy. According to users who shared translations of the clip online, Sivakarthikeyan said “all South Koreans are alike to him”, and it’s hard for him to tell heroes from heroines.

The actor made the remarks while talking about the comedic scene in his movie Don. The comedy scene would feature Sivakarthikeyan and Soori speaking gibberish, which is made to sound like the Korean language. At the cultural event where the actor recalled lines from the scene, the crowd went hysterical, as seen in the video.

Social media users condemned Sivakarthikeyan’s comments, calling them “racist”. A user named Birdman on Twitter wrote, “Sivakarthikeyan mocking the Korean language (based on this racist Don ‘comic’ sequence), says all Koreans look alike and their women look like men. All this during an event in a school, in front of children! Our celebrities really need to attend special awareness workshops!

Watch the video of the event:

So far, the 48-second video has amassed 97,300 views, 2,405 likes and several comments. One user wrote, “@Siva_Kartikeyan seems to be advertising but he should be reasonable and should not comment on anyone’s appearance, that’s not good, you don’t win anything.” Another comment read: “Seriously, the celebrity should learn these little things. He will be followed by young people blindly. Why are they clapping and shouting and clapping? Literal racism and xenophobia of a ‘celebrity’ This is how people my age are. Disgusting,” the third commented.

Sivakarthikeyan did not comment after his controversial remark.

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