One of the husbands cursed Dr. Heavenly Kimes Out at the 'Married to Medicine' reunion?

One of the husbands cursed Dr. Heavenly Kimes Out at the ‘Married to Medicine’ reunion?

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Dr. Contesse Metcalfe and Dr. Heavenly Kimes argued on Heavenly’s YouTube channel.

The current season of “Married to Medicine” has been full of drama. Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Contessa clashed. Heavenly’s comments on YouTube were not well received by Contessa. Contessa took issue with what Heavenly said about Dr. Scott Metcalfe. One of her followers asked her if she thought Scott was abusing Contessa. Heavenly replied that she thought Scott could be emotionally and verbally abusive. She doesn’t think much about her answer. However, his answer upset Contessa. And Contessa began to calm down from the friendship. Eventually, Heavenly noticed that their friendship seemed different. She went from talking to Contessa all the time to barely hearing from her. Then the intervention happened, confirming to Heavenly that the friendship deteriorated because of what was said on YouTube.

After the intervention, Contessa and Heavenly almost came to blows. Heavenly finally apologized for what she said about Scott. Contessa accepted his apology. However, their friendship was still lukewarm.

Dr. Damon Kimes tried to get them back on track. However, this only led to an outburst because Contessa felt like Damon was trying to play down her feelings. She also accused him of siding with Heavenly. And Heavenly’s perspective is that Contessa disrespected Damon during the heated moment.

Well, the cast of ‘Married to Medicine’ recently filmed the season 9 reunion. And Heavenly’s comments have fans thinking that one of the husbands may have attacked her while they were filming the reunion. .

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