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Legislation introduced to regulate temporary help agencies

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New legislation to regulate supplementary nursing service agencies was introduced on September 29. 7 in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Presenting representative of Sarah Lightner (R-Springport) House Bill (HB) 6364that would establish a licensing process for these agencies and minimum standards for their operation in Michigan.

The legislation also includes a provision to ensure that supplementary nursing service agencies cannot ban their employees from being hired full-time by the healthcare facilities where they can work, or be required to pay a fee to be hired. full-time by these establishments. In addition, the rates charged by additional nursing service agencies may not exceed 25% of the hourly wage paid to a nurse, a licensed practical nurse, a nursing aide or a beneficiary attendant currently employed by the health establishment. .

The MHA supports HB 6364 because it would help address the exorbitant contract labor expenses that threaten the financial viability of hospitals.

HB 6364 was referred to the House Health Policy Committee. Members with questions regarding HB 6364 should contact Adam Carlson at MHA.

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