Pinterest's latest ad campaign

Pinterest’s latest ad campaign

Pinterest’s new “Don’t Don’t Yourself” ad campaign highlights the platform as a site of authenticity and creativity, while alluding to the darker sides of other social networks.

Pin-up model: Pinterest continues to assert itself as a more welcoming environment than rivals like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

  • Mental health-focused ads position Pinterest as “another side of the internet,” says CMO Andrea Mallard.
  • In an announcement centered on judgementone user posting a makeup tutorial says of body shaming, “That’s not the vibe here.”

Pin for revenue: Pinterest is lost users and underperformed on Q2 revenue. But the platform is looking to commerce to drive growth, thanks in large part to the new CEO Invoice readywhich comes from Google’s business division.

  • Nearly 16% of US social shoppers will buy through Pinterest this year, putting the platform behind Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
  • Pinterest will see $2.29 billion in digital ad revenue in the United States this year. That’s significantly less than Instagram ($29.79 billion) and behind TikTok ($5.96 billion), Twitter ($3.01 billion) and Snapchat ($2.72 billion).

Pinterest Leverage: The platform can really seem more positive than other apps.

  • Regulations to protect children on social media have bipartisan supportand YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have all come under scrutiny recently.
  • Meta and Instantaneous both added parental controls to ease concerns.
  • Pinterest already has advertising policies in place to protect users. This latest campaign builds on this strategy.

Why we care: Pinterest plays behind, but an ad campaign showcasing positivity on the platform is smart, especially if Pinterest hopes to compete for social commerce.

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