Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet: AG Stein Discusses Best Practices and a "Family Tech Deal" with Clayton Kids

Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet: AG Stein Discusses Best Practices and a “Family Tech Deal” with Clayton Kids

CLAYTON, NC — It’s a topic parents talk about a lot: how to keep kids safe online.

According to Scholastic, one in five children receives sexual solicitation online.

On Friday, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein spoke with elementary school students to learn about internet safety practices while they are still young.

He visited fifth graders at Cleveland Elementary School to launch his new resource: a family tech deal.

With a signed contract, the kids promise their parents to “not talk to strangers online” and to “be more careful about shared information.”

Stein said that as technology advances, things can get a little more dangerous.

“The internet is an incredible resource, especially for these children. They learn schoolwork and can learn about the whole world,” he explained. “But it can also be a dangerous place.”

He wants to help students avoid danger by being responsible and listening to best practices.

Stein also spoke about cyberbullying, urging kids to think before they post: adding that once something was on the internet, it was there forever, even if it was hurtful to others.

When Stein asked the dozens of students if they were using the internet too much, almost all hands went up in the air.

That’s why he said parents need to talk to their kids more about how to use the internet safely.

He hopes the tech deal will spark conversations in families, especially as this generation is glued to their screens.

“Children are using the internet more than ever. Children spend an average of five hours in primary [school]”Stein explained. “When you get to middle school and high school, it’s like 8 hours a day, they’re on the screens. “The resources you can find online are incredible, but there are real risks. What we want is responsible and safe behavior online.

For more information on safety tips and to print your own family technology agreement in English or Spanish, click here.

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