Change of command of the 943d Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Change of command of the 943d Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Lieutenant Col. William Gitchell assumed command of the 943rd Aerospace Medicine Squadron during a change of command ceremony held here, Sept. 29, 2017. 11.

“Moving forward, we need to prepare for the future. We will look at training and practicing our agility and adaptability under pressure. We will continue to fulfill our primary mission; to ensure the medical readiness of our squads. attack and rescue who are assigned here. I am deeply honored to be the commanding officer of the men and women of the 943d AMDS. They are the most dedicated, talented, and skilled medics I have ever encountered,” Gitchell said.

A change of command ceremony is a military tradition that formally signifies the transfer of responsibility from one commander to another; symbolized by the passage of a handlebar.

The 943d AMDS, a geographically separate unit of the 920th Rescue Wing, deploys trained Airmen to provide the personnel and equipment needed to move patients around the world. Airmen from the squadron support operations around the world, including exercises, humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

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