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Wang Center to Host US-EU Conference on Endogenous DNA Damage and Repair | | SBU News

The seventh US-EU Conference on Endogenous DNA Damage and Repair will be held at Stony Brook University at the Charles B. Wang Center from November 6-9.

The conference will explore the sources of endogenous DNA damage and the many cellular mechanisms that deal with it. These mechanisms also underlie the proper development and functioning of the adaptive immune system, and they influence the aging process. The scientific program includes an international group of exceptional guest speakers, including Nobel Laureate Tomas Lindahl of Cancer Research UK, who has done pioneering work in this area.

The calendar will encourage informal interactions and is designed to spark new collaborations and lines of inquiry. Another important objective of the conference is to provide early career scientists with networking opportunities with experienced researchers, which will be enhanced by poster sessions and lectures selected from submitted abstracts.

The conference is sponsored by the Stony Brook Cancer Center and the Renaissance School of Medicine, and its departments of pharmacological sciences, pathology, radiation oncology, microbiology and immunology, as well as numerous external partners.

Early bird registration is ongoing until September 23. Stony Brook students, postdoctoral fellows and residents, and faculty are supported by institutional grants and enjoy deeply discounted registration.

Sign up gentlemen.

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