Week 3 Rainelle Medical Center Player of the Week: Ian Cline

Week 3 Rainelle Medical Center Player of the Week: Ian Cline

LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — When you think of West Virginia high school football, you think of the tough, blue-collar point guards on the gridiron. Throughout the start of the season, this became more apparent. We’ve already seen two running backs in the past two weeks and week three is no different.

The Week Three Player of the Week has likely sent a few opponents to Rainelle Medical Center with broken ankles and bruised egos, so it’s only fitting that he’ll receive his county’s company-sponsored award.
All-State running back Ian Cline adds another impressive performance to his resume as he helps his team earn their first victory this season, and a much-needed win.

Cline went all out in their first game on the road, rushing for over three hundred yards and four touchdowns. He models his style of play and work ethic after another versatile player.

“I like Christian McCaffery, I look up to him, he’s my favorite running back in the NFL, that’s for sure the way he can move between the running game and the passing game very fluidly. J ‘like to model my game after that a bit,’ Cline the junior running back.

Cline knows he and his guys have gotten off to a slow start this season, and he’s confident their performance in Week 3 may be the boost they needed.

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