How to deal with mental health issues after the floods

How to deal with mental health issues after the floods

RISK, Ky. (WYMT) – Eastern Kentucky people are known to be resilient, but when life gets tough, it’s not always easy.

Dr. Farhan Fazal is the Medical Director of ARH’s Behavioral Health System, and he said there are important steps to take if you have mental health issues after the flood.

“The first best thing you can do is talk to the next person,” he said. “Tell someone how you feel. Leave it out. The second thing is to get help. There are resources outside that can come to you.

If you’re not in trouble but you notice someone in your life who is, he said it’s also important to check that out.

“A few questions like ‘hey, okay, can I do something?’ will immediately tell you his response and you can assess whether this is his normal response or if it is something different, and that may set off a little red flag and you can respond immediately,” said Fazal said.

He said to also remember to offer help and be ready to help them get the help they need.

“Be more sensitive to this situation because it could prevent someone from falling into severe depression or PTSD or you could save the life of someone who may be thinking of ending it all.”

Don’t wait to offer or receive help. You can call or text 988 to talk to someone or chat here.

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