Kathy Ogburn: Rural Health Care

Kathy Ogburn: Rural Health Care

I recently had a conversation with a close friend who learned that her primary care physician was retiring. She called around and found out that getting a new doc is a real challenge. Most are too reserved to take new patients, many will not accept their insurance. She found two in our county, but they were scheduled until next year. She is still searching, although less and less optimistic.

How is it that the richest country in the world lags so far behind in access to rural medical care? Maybe docs make more money in cities, or we don’t have enough docs nationwide, or maybe some other cause. In short, lack of access is a critical problem that can be solved by popular policy.

Kermit Jones, a medical candidate for Congress, 3rd District, seems acutely aware of the situation and recommends, among other actions, increasing the number of practitioners in rural areas.

I compared his position with that of his opponent, Kevin Kiley. Its website says nothing about increasing rural health care. His only health care post is for COVID-19 mask mandates. From this number alone, it seems to me that Dr. Jones is serious about representing our needs and Mr. Kiley is just looking for a public job.

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