'Grimcutty' Trailer Wants You To Fear An Internet Meme

‘Grimcutty’ Trailer Wants You To Fear An Internet Meme

Few trailers wanted you to know the monster is an internet meme as much as this one for Grimcutty. The funny thing is that it’s not a specific real-world internet meme being filmed (like Slender man), but the big villain of this teen tech horror (a totally real genre!) is something that’s spreading from youth to youth on whatever app they’re in these days. Microsoft Excel maybe?

If anything, it feels like a copycat of the Momo Challenge, a challenge that wasn’t a challenge at all, just like tons of moral panics that parents buy hook, line and sinker because that they don’t know that kids stopped using Excel to text each other years ago. A scary image and children being forced to do it Something because they saw it.

It’s time for the official synopsis:

“Directed and written by John William Ross (The Birch), Grimcutty follows a suburban teenager (newcomer Sara Wolfkind) and her baby brother (Callan Farris) who must stop a terrifying internet meme brought to life by the hysteria of their parents, played by Usman Ally (VEEP, A Series of Unfortunate Events) and Shannyn Sossamon (Wayward Pines, Sleepy Hollow).Alona Tal (Seal Team) also stars as a mother whose son (Kayden Koshalev) is affected by the memetic monster.

This creature design is super fun and horrifying. It seems like they kept saying “enlarge it” when they saw each incarnation of the face. But can we talk about the most disturbing part of the trailer?

Who stores knives in a horizontal pile inside a plastic food container on a high shelf? Monsters.

Grimcutty hits Hulu on October 10.

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