Video Shows Pakistani Actress Throwing Plastic Waste Into River, Internet Angry

Video shows Pakistani actress throwing plastic waste into river, internet angry

Pakistani movie star Resham was seen throwing plastic wrapper into the river.

Social media users are slamming Pakistani actor Resham after a recent video of her throwing plastic bags into the river went viral. The actress said she was there to feed the aquatic animals, but it ended up being a “charity event gone wrong”. Resham apologized for her actions and blamed “COVID-related brain fog” after receiving widespread criticism for polluting the river, according to Pakistani media.

Resham can be seen in the footage getting out of her car, tearing up a package of meat and throwing pieces into the water. She then opens two loaves of bread and throws them into the river as well. The actor can be seen throwing the plastic wrappers the food was wrapped in into the river in both cases.

This has caused the general public to shoot the actress amid the current crisis that Pakistan is already facing.

She was criticized online not only by average Twitter users but also by a famous Pakistani celebrity.

In a tweet, Meesha Shafi, a well-known singer in the country, also denounced Resham’s actions.

Ms Shafi said: ‘Distributing aid on camera to victims of horrific flooding caused by the giant calamity of climate change right after throwing groceries and plastic bags/trays into a river (also in front the camera).”

The actor was forced by the backlash to post an Instagram video in which she apologized.

What happened, according to her, was not supposed to happen. “I’m human, and it’s human nature to make mistakes.”

She apologized to the whole nation and promised never to make the same mistake again. She also accepted full responsibility for the incident.

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