Singh selected for Joseph Collins Foundation Fellowship |  Writing

Singh selected for Joseph Collins Foundation Fellowship | Writing

Anameeka “Annu” Singh, MS2, was selected to receive the Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship through a highly competitive national process based on academic achievement and a history of fine arts.

Anameeka “Annu” Singh is a second-year medical student pursuing a career in psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, or nephrology. Annu was selected from a very competitive field of UNC-Chapel Hill students to be nominated with the Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship, which she was then selected to receive nationally. Annu’s time as a dancer and pianist played into much of her childhood and was the basis for the award focusing on medical school attendance and fine arts training.

While at UNC-Chapel Hill, Annu took time to volunteer and conduct research with a particular interest in mental health support for South Asian populations. She has been involved in a variety of organizations and programs, including her time as a graduate editor for Health Humanities Journal, managing editor for Iris: The Art and Literary Journal, served as co-editor of Medical Mentors, and is co-founder of “The Tar Heel Prescription”.

One of Annu’s life goals is to use writing to champion the strength of vulnerability and the value of self-reflection, humanity and the unity between the two. In his own words, “Empathy is the key to connection and connection is why I am in medicine. Connecting with other people is my greatest joy.

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