Don't tempt fate by jogging on the sidewalks

Don’t tempt fate by jogging on the sidewalks

EXERCISE enthusiasts should realize that jogging on major roads is dangerous. It is not uncommon to come across joggers, especially early in the morning, in residential neighborhoods and parks. However, there seems to be a growing trend for joggers to use the shoulder of heavily trafficked main roads as jogging tracks.

Recently, I saw a fully-dressed jogger running along the shoulder of a busy main road in Klang, Selangor, and he did it with, not against, traffic. There is nothing wrong with exercising and staying healthy, which I fully support. However, there is an appropriate time and place to do it, and that is in a park or controlled circuit.

Don’t dice with danger. Obviously joggers are probably trying to simulate a marathon or a run, which usually takes place in a controlled environment, and that includes some major roads being cordoned off or even closed to accommodate running circuits. In such cases, emergency services are on standby while police are present to control and direct traffic to protect the safety of marathon participants.

If a jogger, alone or in a group, decides to train for an upcoming event or jog for fun, they should do so responsibly. Don’t think of major roads as training grounds. This can create unnecessary danger for other road users. Although the roads are shared by all, they should not be misused – always think about safety. I have witnessed collisions on the roads, even at the level of the bumpers, causing fatal incidents. This can be avoided if road users adopt a safety-first mindset.

Let us be responsible road users and do not neglect caution.

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