The internet is furious that Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating

The internet is furious that Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating

Much like the infamous Kim Kardashian photo shoot moment, or the moment Regé-Jean Page licked a spoon at Bridgerton, the internet was once again sent into crisis. And this time, the culprit is a celebrity duo: Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid.

We know, we are confused too. Just a few weeks ago, Leo broke up with his girlfriend of four years Camila Morrone. But Leo has already been spotted with Gigi at a night out with friends in New York over the weekend, after rumors swirled that they ‘hook up’ earlier this summer.

Thanks to the recent and problematic theory (now dubbed “Lion’s Law”) that the 47-year-old actor breaks up with women once they reach their twenties, many on Twitter were appalled by the alleged mating . “She’s over 25 and has a baby,” one confused user said. ‘The World is Ending!!’ laments another. ‘[This] has to be the worst thing I’ve read today,” cried a third.

But whether the internet likes it or not, if the reports are true, it looks like Gigi and Leo have chemistry. “They have known each other for several years. They’re super attracted to each other,’ a source told In Touch Weekly. “She’s exactly her type: gorgeous, sexy yet understated with a unique attitude.”

However, there may be no need to panic just yet, as the source also claimed that the adventure lacks proper relationship potential. “It’s occasional and not a constant thing,” they said. “But they have a lot of mutual friends.”

According to one! News insiders, Gigi and Leo are certainly not exclusive. “Gigi and Leo have dated a few times and are in love with each other. Gigi thinks he’s a really cool guy,” they said. ‘being in the same social circles at different parties.

Still, since Gigi split from Zayn Malik in October 2021 after six years together, this is the first time she’s publicly linked to someone romantically. And it’s a new experience for Leo too – she’s the first woman he’s dated who’s over 25…

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