WHO policy brief: Maintaining infection prevention and control measures for COVID-19 in health care facilities, 14 September 2022

WHO guidance note: Maintaining infection prevention and control measures for COVID-19 in health care settings, 14 September 2022

September 14, 2022

| Policy letter


Key points

  • Healthcare facilities remain a high-risk location for SARS-CoV-2 transmission because they are places where patients at risk of severe COVID-19 are admitted and cared for.
  • Maintaining and improving infection and control measures (IPC) remain essential for patients, staff and visitors.
  • Current key infection prevention and control (IPC) strategies and measures for managing COVID-19 in healthcare settings include:
    • an IPC program or at least one dedicated and trained IPC focal point
    • screening and triage for early recognition of cases acquired in the community and in health care facilities and rapid source control measures
    • apply standard and transmission-based precautions
    • isolation and grouping of patients
    • universal masking using medical masks
    • administrative checks
    • implementation of environmental and engineering controls, with an emphasis on ventilation
    • COVID-19 vaccination of health workers
    • prevention, identification and management of COVID-19 among health workers.
  • Key actions for Member States to consider when updating infection prevention and control COVID-19 policies are to sustain IPC achievements and prioritize critical gaps IPC programs in health care facilities; maintain operational readiness for outbreaks of COVID-19 cases and other emerging and re-emerging pathogens; scale up IPC capacity with significant investments in the implementation of IPC minimum requirements; and finally, ensuring the resilience and sustainability of all critical components of the IPC.

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Reference numbers

WHO reference number: WHO/2019-nCoV/Policy_Brief/IPC/2022.1

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