King Charles' anger over 'pen' shows his new job is 'taking a toll' on his mental health

King Charles’ anger over ‘pen’ shows his new job is ‘taking a toll’ on his mental health

King Charles’ rage over a simple leaky pen shows the new monarch is “struggling”, says a body language expert.

According to Adrianne Carter, Charles is overwhelmed by the pressure on his shoulders and it is “harming” his mental health.

“It looks like emotions and fatigue are starting to weigh on the new king and queen,” Adrianne told the Daily Star.

“It’s something they would normally laugh at, but there’s no laughter or levity.

“They’re dealing a lot this week and as we get closer to the funeral we may see more signs of a short temper when things don’t go to plan…”

Britain’s new monarch, 73, was caught off guard in Ireland after his pen stopped working while signing official documents.

“I can’t stand this fucking thing!” said Her Majesty after Wife and Queen Consort Camilla pointed out that he had written the wrong date on the document.

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