Lansing School District Plans to Open Vocational Technical High School

Lansing School District Plans to Open Vocational Technical High School

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Currently, students in the Lansing School District’s Vocational Technical Education (CTE) program are receiving a half-day of specialized instruction to prepare them to start working after graduation. diploma.

From next year they will have their own full-time secondary school.

“What’s special about it is that it will be with the ninth grade, so we start earlier. With most of the career and technical career programs that you see, it’s usually for the 11th and 12th years only, so we’re going back to more grade levels and catching up earlier,” said Nicole Millsap, director of vocational technical training.

The CTE program currently has 178 registered juniors and seniors. Six different specialized programs are offered. In 2023, full-time high school will begin with 75 freshmen with 3 elective program options. In 4 years, they plan to have around 400 students enrolled.

“One of the things we learn from CTE is that students are really receptive to the hands-on learning we offer. They love the mentorships – the learning opportunities in the workplace. more students. It helps them understand why and what they want to do after high school,” Millsap said.

Current CTE students have said that these courses make them feel more confident and prepared to enter the workforce after high school.

“If I had gone straight to medical school after high school, I probably wouldn’t have liked it, but this program taught me like, OK, we can go,” said Samantha Derosia, a student at the ETC. “You know, let’s try this. I might not like it at first but I’ll get there. And I keep falling more and more in love with the program every day.

The school district hopes the expansion of the program will help students jump straight into the workforce or into the program of their choice successfully after graduation.

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