Viral Video: Woman Eats Pie While Skydiving, Internet Thrilled

Viral Video: Woman Eats Pie While Skydiving, Internet Thrilled

McKenna Knipe eating the pie while skydiving.

A video showing a woman eating a pie while skydiving is going viral on Instagram. It was posted on the Instagram handle of McKenna Knipe, an influencer. The clip shows Ms Knipe opening a box while in the air and enjoying the pie. The video has amassed over 20 million views and nearly seven lakh likes. According to the post’s caption, Ms Knipe shot the video to promote a cafe in Michigan, USA.

“Wise words. Support your local businesses!!! The Napoleon Cafe here in Jackson Michigan is famous for its pies. Ms. Knipe said in the caption of the post.

In the video, she is seen opening a large box of pie she bought at Napoleon Cafe. Ms Knipe was seen enjoying the food while suspended thousands of feet in the air.

As eating gets a little messy, Ms. Knipe doesn’t seem to care at all. She is also seen waving at a passing passenger plane.

Instagram users raved after watching the video and joined the conversation.

“I wonder where the pie falls from!!?” commented one user. “Bruh just go get pizza,” said another.

“It’s cool overall, but damn it, I hate being clingy no matter where I am,” a third user commented.

It’s not the first time Ms Knipe has tried to eat something while skydiving. Her Instagram feed is full of videos where she is seen eating a burger, pizza and other food items while skydiving.

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