Olivia Wilde Is Hated By The Internet: Why Is The 'Don't Worry Darling' Director So Hated?

Olivia Wilde Is Hated By The Internet: Why Is The ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Director So Hated?

Eeven if there is a narrative that supports Olivia Wilde as a champion of women’s rights and the patriarchal machine trying to silence her, the truth is much more complex than that. Before all that media gossip that preceded the director’don’t worry darlingAt the film’s premiere, Olivia Wilde was seen as a progressive who supported many good causes. However, even progressives have been troubled by evidence of Olivia Wilde’s true self. In recent weeks, the director has gone from one left-wing activist to another Hollywood powerful person with questionable actions.

Olivia’s lies about Shia LaBeouf

Although by Shia LaBeouf The sexual misconduct charges are impossible to defend, Olivia Wilde clearly tried to use this as a way to promote her liberal ideology. The actor has respectfully debunked her claims and she has video evidence to back up her retort. After the leaked video, netizens found themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to agree with Shia LaBeouf. Not a good look for Olivia Wilde. She was called on her groin.

Is Olivia Wilde a fake feminist?

After what happened with Shia Labeouf, many of Olivia Wilde’s consistent activism campaigns have been called into question. But none as much as the way she presents herself as a feminist, especially due to the way she placed Shia LaBeouf as a top priority over acting. Florence Poug. Although she’s constantly tried to praise her on press tours, the actress doesn’t seem eager to respond to Olivia’s praise.

Onlivia Wilde’s Ongoing Beef with Jason Sudeikis

thedon’t worry darlingThe director tried to debunk the theory that she cheated on comedian Jason Sudeikis with the pop star Harry Styles. She currently has a relationship with the singer, but these rumors have made her legal battle over child custody against Sudeikis even nastier than expected. Because of this, Wilde received all sorts of comments against her.

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