Fitness Enthusiast Who Survived A Car Crash Hopes Her Story Will Inspire Others

Fitness Enthusiast Who Survived A Car Crash Hopes Her Story Will Inspire Others

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – A fitness enthusiast who aspires to be a social media influencer wants to inspire people who might share her traumatic experiences.

About two years ago, Kailee Boss was seriously injured in a car accident in Flagler County as she tried to avoid hitting another vehicle that came to a stop in the roadway.

“All the bones in my face broke, my right collarbone broke and I lost my right eye in the crash,” Boss said.

Photo of the accident scene.

Boss, 26, said she should have died from trauma to the rest of her body, but said doctors told her: “My muscle mass is what led me, to my survival at through my coma, through my therapy, everything.”

She underwent numerous surgeries and eventually received a prosthetic eye.

“At first I was very insecure about my appearance, so I would go to the gym at 3 and 4 in the morning when there was no one there just to make sure I was doing my workout for the day,” said said Boss. “And it helped me regain my confidence.”

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These days, Boss hits the gym during regular hours when others are working out as well. She trains every day at Anytime Fitness in Lakewood, and when she picks up the weights, she says, her mentality is, “Always in beast mode.”

Boss said she hopes her story will encourage others.

“If people are going through the same thing as me, I just want to be a good support for them so they can reach out and say, ‘Hey, do you have any advice for me? ‘” Boss said. “Even people going through their daily struggles, I just want to help people through their life by saying, ‘Hey, it’s okay. “”

Boss has over 1,000 followers on Instagram.

She said she had more facial surgeries ahead of her. She also said she continues to adjust to only being able to see with one eye.

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