A Bizarre Twitter Thread That Is Keeping The Internet Busy. Courtesy Tillotama Shome

A bizarre Twitter feed that’s occupying the internet. Courtesy of Tillotama Shome

Tillotama Shome shared this image (courtesy: tillotamashome)

New Delhi:

Sir Actress Tillotama Shome on Tuesday night found herself on the receiving end of an extremely hilarious question from a Twitter user. A Twitter user, who presumably thought the actress looked like the queen in the attached photo, asked Tillotama, “You were the queen of the UK?” Tillotama Shome couldn’t resist sharing the ROFL tweet on his profile. In no time, the Twitter feed became the hot spot for some ROFL reactions. “When something like this happens, how do you react? Please let us know,” Tillotama Shome wrote while sharing the tweet. Actor Kalki Koechlin replied, “Take it and run with it.”

Other Twitter users have given their opinion. One reply read, “Tell him yes I’m a queen of my fan hearts.” LOL. Wait, it’s better. Another commented: “Send them a link of Delhi Crime-2.” (Tillotama Shome recently starred on the show.) Another added, “You answer – Of course I was the queen, didn’t you know that? Tch Tch.” Another response read, “Reply with humor and wit.” Fans of Delhi Crimes 2 united in the comments section. “Just show him your avatar Crime of Delhi Season 2… On another note, I overwatched and what a joy to see you and Shefali Chaya again.”

Check out Tillotama Shome’s tweet here:

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