Columbia County students work to become the professionals of tomorrow

Columbia County students work to become the professionals of tomorrow

EVANS, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – They are training the next generation of medical assistants in Columbia County.

This is part of a new program offered in all five high schools.

Once students graduate and complete the program, they can use their certification immediately.

We took a look inside Greenbrier High School with how the classroom works. David Capell’s students take a step ahead.

“I wish I had that kind of opportunity when I was in high school because it probably would have gotten me to where I am a lot faster,” he said.

Capell teaches the ‘Certified Clinical Medical Assistant’ program.

He says more than 300 students are working towards their certification.

“The medical community just keeps growing and growing, and of course since the pandemic the need is at an all-time high for physician assistants, but really healthcare professionals of all kinds,” Capell said.

He says this program prepares students for many different healthcare careers.

“They can go to work the next day, well really the same day, as a medical assistant anywhere that will hire them, and there are a lot of places that even contact us to hire our students,” he said. he declares.

Cappell says it’s a three-year route.

“Not only does that look good on a resume, but the nursing schools, the medical schools, the PA schools, they love to see that we already have professionals,” Capell said.

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