Tony Blair's goofy look around the room at the ceremony becomes an instant internet meme

Tony Blair’s goofy look around the room at the ceremony becomes an instant internet meme

Tony Blair has been mocked online after he was spotted scanning the room during the Membership Council ceremony on Saturday.

The former Labor leader was among more than 200 privy councilors present at the ceremony at St James’s Palace where Charles was officially proclaimed king on Saturday.

Other prominent former prime ministers also attended the event, including Sir John Major, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

But Mr Blair was singled out in the proceedings by eagle-eyed royal watchers after footage showed him looking around the room with a puzzled expression on his face.

The moment has already spawned a number of memes, with some joking that he was looking for the food buffet and others claiming he was looking for weapons of mass destruction.

Lloyd Vaughan said: “Tony Blair does a visualization of the Homes Under The Hammer room.”

A Twitter user called Matt said, “He’s looking for a sideboard to invade.”

Dan said, “Gets a lot of stick but he’s still out there everyday looking for those ADMs.”

And a Twitter user called Taffin said, “Acting innocently after farting in the elevator.”

The former Prime Minister was convinced that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had access to weapons of mass destruction and sent British troops to Iraq in 2003 based on this belief.

However, the Chilcot War Report concluded that Mr Blair had convinced himself with unwarranted certainty that the country possessed nuclear weapons, when intelligence reports had not established “beyond any doubt” their existence.

Mr Blair was seen talking animatedly with Mr Brown and current Labor leader Mr Starmer ahead of the ceremony.

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was also invited to the proclamation, but reportedly did not show up due to his lifelong beliefs as a Republican.

David Cameron was seen making a number of hand gestures while talking to Theresa May who was also the subject of derision online.

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