4-yr-old girl dies inside school bus in Qatar on birthday

4-year-old girl dies on school bus in Qatar on her birthday

Kottayam: A four-year-old girl from a Malayali family tragically died in Qatar due to suffocation due to extreme heat conditions after being locked in the school bus for hours on her birthday .

The deceased is Minsa, daughter of Kochuparambil Abhilash Chacko and Soumya, from Chingavanam in Kottayam district.

She was an LKG-1 student from Springfield Kindergarten to Al Vakra in Doha.

Once she arrived at the school premises in the morning, Minsa was unable to get off the school bus as she continued to sleep. Team members locked the school bus thinking everyone had gotten off the bus.
In the afternoon, when the crew members entered the bus before the return trip, they saw the young girl lying unconscious.

Although she was rushed to a hospital in Al Vakra, her life could not be saved.

The suffocation suffered inside the locked bus would have caused his death. Minsa’s body, which is currently kept in Al Vakra Hospital, will be transported to Chingavanam after the autopsy.
Meekha, Minsa’s sister, is a class 2 student of Indian Public School MES.
Her father Abhilash, designer and artist, has been living in Doha for many years.

According to reports, the school bus crew members responsible for her death were arrested based on the complaint filed by Minsa’s parents. But there is no official confirmation on this at the moment.

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