Welcome to Wellness

Welcome to Wellness

Pandemic life has been a challenge for everyone, causing many of us to rethink what it means to live a healthy life.

For some, the crisis has highlighted the importance of basic body maintenance – better sleep, nutritious food and regular exercise. For others, it has meant an emotional reset – improving mental health and prioritizing family and friends.

But one thing we’ve all learned during this time is the value of scientific advice from trusted experts.

That’s why we created Well+Being, a new personal health section in The Washington Post. We chose this name because health is not achieved only when we seek medical care. Optimal health means taking care of your whole being – caring for the physical body, supporting emotional health, and nurturing the relationships that matter most in life.

The Well+Being office has assembled a team of experienced doctors, mental health professionals and journalists to answer your questions and share the latest research on living a healthy, fulfilling life. We’ll explore the science of nutritious food, the best ways to exercise, and the latest discoveries in brain health, human behavior, and relationships. And you can count on us to sift through the confusing claims and misinformation found on social media and help you navigate a complicated healthcare system.

Ultimately, Well+Being is about empowering you, the reader, to embark on your unique health journey. Whether you’re living with a disability, trying to adopt healthier eating habits, training for a marathon, or concerned about your mental health or relationships, our goal is to share news and advice that celebrate all levels of ambition and ability and help you achieve a state of well-being every day.

— Tara Parker-Pope, Editor, Well+Being


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