11 fun (yes, fun) cardio exercises you can do at home

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’ve been training for years, it’s only natural that there are waves where you’ll be more motivated to hit the gym than other times. One of the best ways to make sure exercise becomes a habit you stick with is to find the forms that spark joy and excite you.

When it comes to cardio, the options are virtually endless: running, swimming, HIIT, and walking are just the beginning of what you can harness to build cardiovascular strength and improve your overall quality of life. But if you’re really looking to have fun when you work out, can we suggest trampoline training? That’s right, it’s not just for kids anymore.

We’ve rounded up 11 exercises that effortlessly raise your heart rate and help you break a sweat while tapping into your inner child. Why should exercise be a chore when you can get off the trampoline?

For an even more organized workout, follow the 10-minute stability workout above.

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