Dayton receives $250,000 in funding to bring high-speed internet to local recreation centers

Dayton receives $250,000 in funding to bring high-speed internet to local recreation centers

DAYTON — Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted and local leaders announced a project that hopes to expand high-speed internet access in Dayton.

The State of Ohio and BroadbandOhio provided funding of $250,000 to be used to provide high-speed internet access to three community recreation centers in the city, according to a statement.

The three community recreation centers selected are the Greater Dayton Recreation Center, the Lohrey Recreation Center, and the Northwest Recreation Center. All are open to the public and free.

Dayton City Commissioner Matt Joseph previously said nearly half of the city’s residents lack high-speed internet access.

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“Just over 40% of the city’s residents don’t have high-speed internet, they use dial-up,” Joseph said.

This project hopes to enable the City of Dayton Recreation Department to provide visitors with Wi-Fi access to use their own electronic devices, create educational resources for students using laptops, and provide educational support for after-school programs and summer camps.

“You can’t be part of the modern economy without high-speed internet access,” Husted said in a statement. “This administration has continued to bridge the digital divide in rural and suburban Ohio, and here in our urban areas. This project will provide community members with a place to go to access online services to fill out job applications, complete homework, or attend classes.

Additional information about the initiative can be found here.

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