US Joint Board on Cancer Appoints Dhanpat Jain, MD, to Editorial Board

US Joint Board on Cancer Appoints Dhanpat Jain, MD, to Editorial Board

Dhanpat Jain, MD, professor of pathology and medicine (digestive diseases), was appointed by the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) to its editorial board for neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.

The AJCC, founded in 1959, has developed and compiled cancer staging systems that are considered the bible of staging for all cancers, and has experts from all fields specializing in the staging of various cancers. The board is composed primarily of expert oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologists and pathologists.

Dr. Jain is a nationally and internationally recognized gastrointestinal pathologist known for his diagnostic, research and teaching skills. He has over 150 publications, numerous book chapters, books and reviews, all of which are broadly in the field of gastrointestinal and liver pathology, and has lectured extensively and participated in numerous courses nationally and internationally. .

Cancer staging is the process of determining how much cancer is in the body and where it is. The AJCC cancer staging benchmarks are accepted and used by the medical profession to select the most effective treatment, determine prognosis, and continually evaluate cancer control measures.

Understanding the stage of cancer helps doctors establish a prognosis and design a treatment plan for each patient. It also helps identify clinical trials that may be appropriate for particular patients.

The AJCC Staging Manual is updated periodically and currently on the 8e the edition is followed. However, the committee is currently working on the 9e edition, which will make substantial changes not only to staging protocols and how they are published for clinical use, but also to the format of the manual.

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