Nine men do calisthenics to form a 'frontal lever pyramid', leaving netizens motivated

Nine men do calisthenics to form a ‘frontal lever pyramid’, leaving netizens motivated

Exercise is the key to fitness and the internet is booming with such fitness enthusiasts doing wonderful things. And one of those videos of a brilliant performance goes viral. The video shows nine men doing calisthenics.

The video was posted by an Instagram user named Adam Morsel. The user’s bio indicates that he is a Calisthenics athlete and certified trainer. Morsel posted the video with the caption “9 Man Front Lever Pyramid”. The video opens to show nine men trying with dedication to form the inverted pyramid but failing on initial attempts. However, they ultimately succeed.

Watch the video here:

The video was posted by the user on August 28 and garnered over five million likes. The video also racked up several comments from Instagram users praising the men’s determination and team spirit.

One of the Instagram users commented, “The fact that no one gave up! You get it!” Another user wrote: “incredible strength everywhere”. “I’m not going to lie, it looked tough at the end,” posted a third user. A fourth said: “I loved the final joy that came with their success.”

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