MSSU-KCU Partnership Agreement Signed

MSSU-KCU Partnership Agreement Signed

JOPLIN, Mo. — A smooth transition from Missouri Southern to KCU medical and dental schools is now possible. Before the meeting of the Board of Governors this afternoon, a new partnership agreement was signed between the two schools. It cements the MSSU-KCU Early Acceptance Program” – and will establish an annual cohort of up to 35 students. 25 for the Osteopathic Medicine program – and 10 for the Dental program.

“More than anything, it provides great opportunities for students to come to MSSU as freshmen and then to KCU for excellent medical education. And also the impact it has on not only our two institutions, but also about the region and the future of health care in the Four State Area. This is a special day,” said Dr. Dean Van Galen, President of the MSSU.

“These types of relationships really help with training and retention, so if someone is interested in both undergraduate and medical school at the same institutions, they are more likely to settles and practices medicine or dentistry in the same area,” said Dr. Josh Cox, KCU Joplin.

The program was previously dubbed “Yours To Lose” – which premiered in 2015.

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