GWU adds 14 staffed faculty positions after selling its stake in the hospital

GWU adds 14 staffed faculty positions after selling its stake in the hospital

George Washington University said Friday it will use more than $50 million from the recent sale of its stake in GW Hospital for a major expansion of the medical, health and science faculty.

GWU, the largest university in the nation’s capital, said it plans to add 14 staffed faculty positions in the coming months. It has been described as one of the largest investments in the university’s history to support faculty.

“It’s transformational for us,” said university president Mark S. Wrighton. “Of course, recruiting and retaining exceptional members of our faculty is a key priority.”

In August, GWU completed the sale of its 20% partnership share in GW Hospital. It brought in about $54 million for the university. The hospital, next to Washington Circle in the district, is now 100% owned by Universal Health Services.

With the proceeds from the sale, GWU said it would add nine endowed chairs to its School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and one in public health, nursing, chemistry, biology and biomedical engineering.

Searches for faculty positions will begin soon.

GWU had approximately 26,500 students as of fall 2021. In 2020, according to federal data, the university had 1,255 faculty members, 426 with the rank of professor. The university did not have a count immediately available Friday of the number of professors who are now in endowed chairs.

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