T-Mobile expands 5G home internet to 9 million more homes

T-Mobile expands 5G home internet to 9 million more homes

T-Mobile has expanded its 5G Home Internet Service to cover an additional 9 million homes in 64 cities, the carrier announced on Tuesday. The new coverage extends to Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. With this extension, 40 million households are now eligible for the service.

The expansion could bring reliable broadband service to potentially millions of rural and suburban areas with limited internet options. According to the company, one-third of T-Mobile’s service areas, including those in new expansion, are in “rural America.” places where high-speed internet access isn’t cheap, if at all.

Home wireless Internet service, which can offer speeds from 33 Mbps to 182 Mbps, starts at a flat rate of $50 per month with automatic payment ($30 per month for households with an eligible Magenta MAX plan). It’s by no means extremely fast, but the price is right and the speeds are faster than many rural internet options, such as Satellite Where DSL. A T-Mobile spokesperson told CNET that “we expect many of our customers to see speeds above 100 Mbps.” Terms of service — no contractsno equipment costs, no data limit – are as friendly as you’ll find at any ISP, rural or otherwise.

5G home internet is still a relatively new technology, but T-Mobile is already proving to be a contender in the home broadband industry. On his first appearance in the US Customer Satisfaction Index ReportT-Mobile ranked second among major internet service providers with a score of 71/100, just one point behind Verizon Fios.

Visit T-Mobile for more details on 5G Home Internet and to check availability in your area. T-Mobile notes that “availability is based on network capacity,” so it might be worth checking as soon as possible if you want to try out the service.

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