Old Video Of Boeing 747 Overtaking 737 Takes Internet By Storm

Old video of the Boeing 747 overtaking the 737 is taking the internet by storm

The Boeing 747 overtakes the 737 in this viral sequence.

An incredible video of a Boeing 747 overtaking a Boeing 737 is gaining traction online. The video was captured by pilots of a Boeing 777 over Baghdad, according to the description of the video on social media platforms. Some Reddit users pointed out that the footage was at least 10 years old, but the clip gave aviation enthusiasts and other social media users an adrenaline rush.

The 35-second clip begins with the Boeing 737 heading towards its destination. Soon the 747 plane enters the frame and quickly closes the gap. As the plane was closer to the 777 filming the video, it appears wider than the Boeing 737, which is seen between the exhaust fumes coming out of the 747.

The latter overtakes the Boeing 737 and continues to move forward, as seen in the clip. A few seconds later, the 737 completely disappears from the camera frame.

This is one of the clearest images captured of one aircraft overtaking another. On Reddit, he received thousands of upvotes.

A 2019 article on airlineratings.com said the Boeing 777 was at 33,000 feet, while the 747 was at 35,000 feet and the Boeing 737 was at 37,000 feet.

Such a small degree of separation (or 2,000 feet) is possible with suitably equipped modern aircraft, sophisticated cockpit equipment and assistance from satellites.

According to Boeing.com, the company announced the 737 in 1965. The jet first flew in 1967.

The Boeing 747 was introduced two years later, in 1969, and was built in 16 months by a team of rubber workers “The Incredibles” per the company’s website.

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